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Confucianism: 4 evils of the human heart - Blog

Confucianism: 4 evils of the human heart - Blog

The evil in man originates through wrong decisions about his ethics, decisions that are strongly influenced by the social interaction that generates the ego, which is the root of evils such as pride, prejudice, stubbornness and selfishness that we will understand how to overcome them. continuation:

Origin of these evils

Moral ethics (perception of good and evil) is what leads the human being to make decisions and is present from birth, but it is also reinforced by social influence; This influence is not entirely positive, since it leads man to think that his experiences are the truth and the right thing, creating a tendency to the ego, which is the root of all evil.

1 pride

“The superior man is worthy but not proud; the inferior man, proud, but not worthy "Confucius

Pride creates walls between people which prevents harmony between them, which prevents us from growing and forging ourselves as people.

2 prejudice

“The noblest type of man has a broad and non-judgmental mind. The inferior man is prejudiced and lacks a broad mind. ”Confucius

It is judging before knowing, stereotypes and first impressions are what cause blindness in people. Assuming about life creates conflict and ignorance.

3 Obstination

"The noble seeks the truth and does not cling with blind obstinacy to his criteria" Confucius

It is about being closed-minded and not giving room for doubts. The truth is absolute, but how can we know that truth if we don't give it the opportunity to be judged?

4 selfishness

"He who seeks to ensure the welfare of others, already has his own insured" Confucius

It is pursuing only your own well-being. We are social beings by nature, the path of the center (chong) it is to travel as companions; selfishness leads to loneliness which is an unnatural path that will lead to failure in your life.

How do we overcome these evils?

"Human creation was made for good, evil is essentially unnatural" Confucius

Wanting to deny the existence of these evils is the first thing you will think, but this is only part of the inner ego that we mentioned before. Acceptance is humility, which is the most powerful weapon against these evils, capable of transforming a person and taking them to the path of the center (chong).

Pride, prejudice, being stubborn and selfishness have led many people to ruin, because it is difficult to see yourself and criticize yourself, but only acceptance is enough to start the change, you can achieve it, it is a decision that will mark the greatness in your life, the humility.