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Reglamento Estudiantes

This regulation regulates the training and education services offered by the Kung Tse Oriental Confucius Institute, which is governed by the stipulations indicated below, including the new modality of online classes.

  1. About the objective of the institution

 1.1 Offer a solid training in the Mandarin language that emphasizes at the same time the contents and pedagogical, cognitive, theoretical and practical methods in a constant process of excellence and personal and institutional improvement.

1.2 Contribute to the training of responsible students, interested in the culture and the Mandarin language, whether for personal, cultural or professional reasons.

  2. On the duties of the institution

 2.1 The institute undertakes to provide Mandarin language teaching services in accordance with current and approved programs. These programs may be modified as dictated by pedagogical and technological innovations, teaching technique, new regulatory requirements, institute policies, and student needs.

2.2 Deliver grades and performance comments on time on the dates established by the institution, this being up to one week after the official end date of the quarter (understanding that to withdraw the grade you must be up to date on all payment obligations that correspond).

2.3 Follow up on the comprehensive training of the student in close communication with the institution.

  3. About Mandarin classes through the Online platform

 3.1 Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the institute has had to adapt its Mandarin language teaching program, which is taught online. Despite the new modality, both the rigor and the level of teaching are kept under the same standards as the face-to-face classes.

3.2 Both students and teachers must be TIMELY when connecting to Mandarin classes.

3.3 If a student for some reason cannot connect to a class, he must justify his absence both with the administration of the institute and with the teacher.

3.4 Teachers, prior to starting a Mandarin class, must verify the attendance of students to report through the virtual classes report document, and take the corresponding measures (Prepare the subject formula to send absent students).

3.5 The teachers will record the Mandarin classes through the platform used for the lessons, since the recording of the class will have the purpose of sending it to students who have not been present during the class or to those students who for reasons outside their control have disconnected from the lessons (problems with internet connection, failure in the power supply, etc.)

3.6 Considering that Mandarin classes are taught online, the format of the books will be DIGITAL, for students who wish to have printed books, they must request them from the institute administration at least 2 days in advance to coordinate the printing as well as the date on which they would be passing to the headquarters of the institute for the books.

3.7 Provided that sanitary measures allow it, students will be summoned to attend face-to-face classes once a month.

3.8 For the proper development of the online classes and the students' learning process, the cameras should be turned on during the lessons, as well as the microphone should be turned on when participating and / or answering questions asked by the teacher, we reiterate that cameras should be on for classes, especially if there is a quiz or exam.

3.9 The evaluation of the exams and the quizzes will continue to be the same and will continue to contemplate the same items, the changes that are introduced refer to the form of the evaluation since technological tools such as online forms, applications and video system will be used. .


4.On the duties of students and parents

4.1 Actively participate in the institute's activities that require it.

4.2 Both students and parents must respect the regulations, principles and norms that govern the institute.

4.3 Students must give the required importance to cultural projects, songs, quices, homework, final exam, dramatizations and activities concerning the evaluation of the institute's Mandarin program.

4.4 Justify absences from Mandarin classes by informing the administration and the corresponding teacher either via phone call, email message or through the institute's WhatsApp.

4.5 Punctually cancel its financial obligations with the institute, since the non-cancellation of quarterly payments implies the application of an interest for late payment in accordance with the provisions of the institute's payment regulations.

4.6 Students must pay the book replacement fee.

4.7 Parents are jointly and severally liable for any damage or harm caused by the student to the property of the institution or of third parties, in its facilities.

4.8 To opt for enrollment for the next level, the student or parent must be up to date with the payment for the quarter.

4.9 Within school hours, only parents or someone authorized by the parents or guardians themselves will have the right to withdraw their children from the institute. This diligence can only be done in person and with prior notice to the institute's administration.

5.On the disciplinary duties of students

5.1 It is strictly forbidden to bring dangerous objects (sharps, firearms, etc.) that may cause danger or injury, either to students, teachers, administrative personnel or visitors to our institute.

5.2 The consumption of drugs within the institution, as well as coming to classes under the influence of any illegal drug (marijuana, heroin, cocaine, etc.) is prohibited. Violation of this section of the regulation will cause the institution to take the pertinent corrective measures. If necessary, it could be decided to partially or totally separate the student from the group.

5.3 Students must present themselves neat, in decent dress and without extravagance.

5.4 The student must maintain a cordial relationship with teachers, administrative staff and colleagues as well as students from other groups.

5.5 You must always use appropriate language in your relationship with everyone, as well as take care of your vocabulary and avoid the use of double-meaning phrases or foul vocabulary.

5.6 It is important that students know and respond appropriately when they are greeted or asked a question, whether in Spanish or if the student can respond in Mandarin much better; for this we have instructed the teachers to be aware of this aspect.

5.7 Teachers must teach Chinese culture, history and etiquette to students and students must learn it and put it into practice, it is the duty of teachers to set an example.

5.8 It is forbidden to interrupt the attention of the other students, since it affects the concentration of the group and the teacher, so they are asked to silence cell phones during class.

5.9 The student must try to maintain order and cleanliness in the classrooms.

5.10 It is forbidden to eat inside the classrooms, to avoid dirtying or spilling any liquid.

5.11 In the event of serious non-compliance by the student, the institute will bring the situation to the attention of the parents or guardian and will take the appropriate measures in accordance with its rules and regulations.

6. Student's academic duties

 6.1 The student must come to class with books and other implements to attend classes (notebook, pencil or pen) as well as present the tasks, assignments and the corresponding exams or quices.

6.2 The recommendation of the institute is to do homework, this is part of their learning.

6.3 In case a student is late with the delivery of assignments and there is no valid justification, it is the student's duty to catch up with it.

6.4 If a student is constantly missing homework during the same term, the teacher is empowered to apply an extraordinary exam that includes the topics included in the tasks not turned in, the qualification of these tasks will start with a grade of 85.

6.5 At the Institute we do our best to give the best of our teaching. On the other hand, it is the student's duty to practice to achieve a more complete and effective learning. For this same reason, you have to spend 30 minutes a day doing homework and studying.

7. Duties of the student and parents with the institute

7.1 Students are asked to be punctual when entering classes, otherwise they must enter after the break or when the teacher allows it. Similarly, if the student needs to leave the classroom for any reason, they must request permission from the teacher.

7.2 In case you have a delay to get to class or you have to be absent at all, you must notify the principal or the administrative assistant by the available means (phone call, email message or message via WhatsApp).

7.3 If the student registers three tardies at the end of the quarter, they are equivalent to an unexcused absence, and in case of having three or more absences, a grade certificate will not be issued at the end of the quarter and will only be sent by email.

7.4 It is the student's responsibility to attend classes, it is a way that is up to date with the subject. If the student wishes to make up the subject when they miss lessons, private classes have a cost of $40 per hour.

7.5 If a student enrolls a course and withdraws before the official end of the quarter, the money paid for the quarter will not be returned, except in a highly qualified situation that has been previously communicated to the administration.

7.6 In case you have been given the facility to cancel the quarter by paying a bill of exchange or promissory note, you must finish canceling the total amount of the course even if the period does not end since the monthly payment is only a facility to cancel.

7.7 When it is the case that a student enters the institute program as a regular student but has not started from level 1 of any of our study blocks, and requires a different kit of books from the quarter that has already been canceled, the same will have an additional cost, the rates of these must be consulted directly with the administration.

8.Changes in classes and attendance control

8.1 The institute reserves the right to make changes in teachers or schedules if required, safeguarding the interests of the institute and its students.

8.2 In case a student needs to change the schedule they attend, they should consult with the director, to see how it can be solved according to the available schedules.

8.3 The administration will carry out attendance checks whenever it deems appropriate, in case it is noticed that a student has been absent twice in a row during the same month and no justification has been received, the student, parent or guardian will be contacted.


9.1 On legal holidays (also known as compulsory pay), including Easter, no lessons will be taught.

9.2 On days that are not legal holidays, lessons will be taught normally and those who do not attend class will have an absence like any other.

9.3 The term of classes in our institute is 12 weeks, in case a holiday corresponds to a day of classes, the lesson is made up and it is not eliminated from the number of classes of the term.


10.1 Students will be evaluated according to the following items:

  • Assistance
  • Participation
  • Dramatization
  • Translation
  • Cultural Project
  • Tasks
  • Quiz
  • Final exam

10.2 At the end of each quarter, the student will receive a grade certificate with the results obtained, it will be printed, stamped and signed by the director and the course teacher, as long as they have met the necessary requirements (Less than 3 absences and final average equal to or greater than 80).

10.3 At the end of each block (Basic, Intermediate, Advanced and Superior) an exam called: Block Exam will be applied, it will evaluate what has been learned in levels 1, 2 and 3 of each block. The exam will be applied at the conversational level of each block and the contents will be according to the study programs of the institute.

10.4 In case a student cannot take either a level final exam or a block exam, they must previously inform the institute to justify the absence; The institute will proceed to coordinate with the student or parent and with the teacher to reschedule the new date of the exam. In case the new date of the exam is rescheduled and the student does not present it, a penalty will be applied, this being the payment of the exam; the amount to be canceled is $20.


11.1 In the event that the student wishes or considers that he or she needs to receive private classes, the matter should be dealt with directly with the institute. Under no circumstances should it be discussed between teachers and students as it could harm the teacher.

11.2 At the institute, placement tests and interviews with the director are carried out when a student wishes to enter our institution. The following aspects will be taken into account for the interview:

  • The institution where it comes from.
  • The time you studied Mandarin.
  • If you continue to study or practice the language.

11.3 The groups are from 6 to 15 students maximum. When there are fewer than six students enrolled, the start of classes will be delayed and students will be notified of the start date.

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