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Confucianism: Parts of a Wise Man - Blog

Confucianism: Parts of a Wise Man - Blog

Confucianism is ethical principles and values rather than being a religion. Its founder, Confucius (551-479 BC) built the thought of balance, nature and education as a method to rescue the lost values in Chinese society; values such as balance, order and harmony that led many to success, and you can be one of them today.

Origin of the wise man's thought

"The wise man aspires to perfection, the common man, to well-being" Confucius

These ideas were born from the origins of China and the universe. China formed its doctrine on the qualities of nature - its balance, order and perfection. Humans must try to be part of this balance, because if you are not on your own path that was traced by the universe, this man will be destined to fail in his life; Confucius was one of the heirs of this thought, he understood it and strengthened it with the motive of rescuing the perfect ethics of the universe that Chinese society had forgotten.


“Balance is the perfect state of calm water. Let that be our model. Remain calm on the outside and without disturbances on the surface »Confucius

It is about not walking blindly through the world, every action and step you take during your journey must be directed towards perfection, and always follow a path traced by reason and never by passions or emotions. The reason is before the emotion and not to go to the extreme in any facet.


"The path of the center (chong) of which man is also part, and if it is followed in its harmony, success will be achieved" Confucius

Everything in the universe has a specific order and a fine adjustment. Human beings are part of that order, therefore, to achieve success we must learn to walk that path with principles.


“The straight path of the universe, the center; harmony is his universal law ”Confucius

Staying in harmony with the universe, with yourself and with other creatures is the key to walking this path with righteousness. Love towards life and other beings is the engine that will drive you.

These 3 characteristics: balance, order and harmony, have carried great men far in history, and you too can start walking towards success with righteousness from today.