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Relationship between Chinese characters and IQ

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Which lists the benefits of learning Chinese characters, this study conducted in Japan lists the benefits for children as well as adults who study Mandarin and learn to read Chinese characters.

Chinese character that develops IQ, at an earlier age you learn faster your intelligence quotient increases

Text, letter, language are like the symbol of human civilization, it represents a different way of thinking and the level of development of the nation.

The Chinese characters of Chinese culture, differ from other writing in other languages, the highlight is its symbolic and holographic character, each character itself contains a large amount of information.

Chinese characters loaded with 5,000 years of culture have always been called "Divine Script."

A comprehensive look at recent international studies found that: Chinese characters have a magical effect on children's intelligence development, it is because grammatically similar in Chinese syntax and mathematics, able to think flexibly, in fact, deserves a literary title "Divine Scripture."

The wonderful communication between Infante and Chinese Character

Chinese character is a kind of ideographic text, short and deep rhetorical meaning, collection of sounds, shape and meaning in one, Much more than English, French, etc., as it only means phonetic word, represents a sound, no meaning real.

Hanjiro Kawakawa, director of the Association for the Promotion of Chinese Character Education in Japan, pointed out that when mothers teach infants, it is not easy for babies to immediately remember if they only teach pronunciation. However, if babies learn to read pronunciation while reading Chinese characters, babies will remember very quickly. There seems to be an innate ability to communicate between babies and Chinese characters.

Japanese children who learn Chinese increase their IQ

In May 1982, the psychologist Dr. Chadlin caused a stir in the world in the article "Nature", the most famous scientific journal in the world.

The study tested intelligence on children in Britain, the United States, France, West Germany and Japan. He found that the average IQ for children in Europe, the United States, and the United States was 100, while the average IQ for Japanese children was 111, because Japanese children learned Chinese characters.

The Tokyo Board of Education researcher Professor Ishii, in his "Early Childhood Intelligence Development Act" in his book says:

As a result of their repeated tests, children in Japan did not learn Chinese characters as children, and as a result, their IQ was also 100 like that of European and American children. However, when learning Chinese characters, the situation was different.

If you start from the age of 5, your IQ can reach 110 per year before admission.

If you start from 4 years, you learn two years, IQ can reach 120.

If you start studying for three years from the age of 3, your IQ will reach 125 to 130.

As a French teacher said: «to teach French children to learn Chinese characters, the main objective is not so much to acquire another language tool, but to develop the wisdom of French children by learning the characters Chinese. "

Chinese grammar is more in line with math grammar

Dr LUI Sui-cai from Australia also found that: “Chinese grammar is more consistent with math grammar, which has only 10 numbers and can display all values, 1. by flexible layering, 2. the order of the symbol change, 3. It has more than one word. It is precisely because Chinese characters rely on these 3 points that only about 7,000 characters can cope with all aspects of modern society. This is one of the main reasons for the high IQ of Chinese children '.

Chinese character sound and meaning are prepared, it is the most capable of improving people's associative writing ability, because the Chinese character creation law includes pictorial, phonetic, knowing, referring to things, notes, pretexts, etc. At the same time, it reflects the rich history and culture with local characteristics.

Chinese characters can be simple and rich, express a rich connotation, the ancient Chinese classical style with a short text can express a large number of messages. The comprehensive multi-character characteristics of Chinese wonders, have to admit that Chinese characters are a treasure of human civilization and human miracles.